I'm the lucky mom of 3 kids, and the lucky grandma of 3 grandsons. It was tough raising my 3 kids alone, but they are my reward for all the hard work, and now they've given me perfect grandchildren. It was worth every minute and every sacrifice. We are a happy family. My grandchildren soothe my soul and I enjoy every minute I spend with my adult children. My daughter-in-law is an angel and a beauty, and my son-in-law is very tolerant of me. I love them all!!

I'm married to a wonderful man who really can do anything, and I live in one of the most beautiful places in California. My kids gave me this web site for Christmas, along with the thing I wanted most (since "more grandchildren" isn't on the table yet!), which was a framed photo of all my kids and grandkids.

I love family photos, pet photos, my son Eric's photos, and any photo that holds my interest for any reason.

Please visit my galleries, and watch for frequent updates.

Take a look at my son's galleries, too, over at . He's got a real eye and it shows in his photography.